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‘A Football Squad of Our Dreams’: The best and worst moments of the 2017/18 season

In the last two seasons, Ireland have produced some memorable moments in terms of a top flight title and Champions League triumph.

However, they’ve also suffered the loss of a number of key players and a couple of key figures.

Here’s our list of the top five moments of 2017/19 for all the fans who have been following the club over the last year.


The 2-0 defeat to Germany in the 2019 World Cup qualifier 1.

A stunning 1-0 victory over Germany at the World Cup qualifiers in 2018.


The stunning goal that made us all believe in our club.


The first half of the Europa League defeat to Bayern Munich.


A first goal from the bench to send us through the play-offs and into the group stages.

5 and below The worst moment for a club of our dreams in 2017/20 – and we could do with the rest of the team