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Ars Technic’s ‘Modern Resume Template’ is the ‘Most Popular’ on GitHub

The latest version of the template for the popular Modern Resume template has made it onto GitHub and is currently the top-most contribution to the project’s repository with more than 12,000 lines of code.

The Modern Resumé template is a free and open source template that was designed to simplify the process of creating a resume for anyone with a high school diploma or GED, and it was inspired by the resume templates found on Google.

The template has been used by many employers in the past for recruiting purposes and the project, as it is currently hosted on GitHub, is now the most popular contribution to GitHub with more contributions than any other project.

This is a great achievement by GitHub, and they deserve a lot of credit for their contribution to this topic.

A number of other contributors have also contributed to this project, and some of the most notable of these are: The template is hosted on Github with a code base of around 10,000 files, with some of these files including code snippets for a variety of common features of the site, such as search, ratings, and rating lists.

A few files are not included in the current version of this template, but you can get the latest code by clicking the link below: Modern Resumes – Version 0.4.0 (October 18, 2018) Source Ars Technick