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Canva: “Tiny but powerful” template for ‘tweetable’ memes

Canva, a social media analytics platform, has released a template for “tweetables” — memes — that users can easily embed in tweets.

The template, which can be found in the “tweets” section of the Canva website, lets users add a hashtag and an image.

For example, you can add a caption like, “Canvas makes tweets more personal and relevant,” or a caption such as, “I can tweet my thoughts about life and art, and the world around me,” and you can also specify which hashtags you want to use.

The Canva template includes a section that explains how users can embed their tweets, but also explains how to create your own custom hashtags for each of the three categories of tweets you want.

To embed a tweet, simply enter the hashtags that you want and click “create.”

Users can also upload their own tweet templates and then embed them, so long as the embed code is valid.

The tweets that are embedded will appear on the Canvas platform as a series of tweets, with each tweet containing an image and caption.

The templates can also be used to share other social media content.

“Tweets can be great ways to engage with your audience, and we hope that this will lead to more social media engagement and better content for our readers,” Canva CEO and co-founder David Veal said in a statement.

“We’re excited about the possibilities and are excited to help our users make even more awesome content.”

The Canvas templates are available in the Canvarets official app for free, and users can download them for $2.99.

“Our goal with these templates is to help you create more beautiful, personalized tweets that will show your audience that you care about them,” Veal added.

“With each template, you’ll be able to include more images and text that can help your audience connect with you, and you’ll have access to a host of customization tools that allow you to customize your tweets in many ways.”