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‘Diary of a man’ – RTE

This is a ‘diary of an old man’ about a man who lost his wife and daughter in the Great War.

It was written by the young historian and poet William Dickson in 1939.

This is an original, printed version of the poem, which was published in the Irish Times on April 1, 1940.

He wrote the poem in memory of his father who had died in 1918.

He said he was very grateful for the support of the family, and the support in the community and beyond.

He had no family history, and lived alone until he married his partner of 40 years, Susan O’Reilly.

The poem was first published in Ireland in the Independent on April 12, 1940, and became the subject of a book of poetry published in 1947.

It was published as ‘A Letter to a Young Irishman’ in the Dubliner in 1951.

His poetry and prose has been widely reprinted in books and journals, and was translated into more than 20 languages.

The poem, called ‘Diaries of a Man’, was originally published in Dublin in 1937.

In 1939, it was published on the cover of the Irish edition of the Sunday Independent.

It was published a number of times, in Irish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and English, as well as in several other languages, including Russian and Portuguese.

Dickson said he has kept the poem and the book together for years, and it is his love letter to Ireland.

“There is a sadness in this life, a sadness that I feel.

It is not in spite of the great sacrifice of the Great One, but because of it.

I am very grateful to the people who have given me a platform to speak to this generation of people, to talk about this.

I do not speak for any other generation of Irishmen,” he said.

There is no doubt that Dickson’s poetry is deeply personal.

But he also said the poem was written to be a tribute to those who died in the war.

It is, in some ways, a reflection of what was going on in Ireland at the time, he said, and a plea to all Irishmen who had lost their lives.

“I hope to share my own experience, as a poet and a man, to show how it was.

The poems are meant to be read aloud, and so I hope they can be read in the context of Ireland, and Ireland’s experience at the end of the war,” he added.

You can download the poem from RTE: This poem was originally written in 1939 by William Dinson and published in 1941 in Dublin.

 It was republished in the Sunday Times on March 15, 2017, and in the British and Irish editions in 2018.

Irish poet William L. Dickson.

Source: RTE