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How to edit a turkey template

It looks like an ordinary Thanksgiving turkey, except for one thing: it’s a turkey that is actually from Turkey.

The photo shows the turkey inside a box, and the word “turkey” above it is what you’d expect on the front.

The back is the front and back of the box, which are the same thing.

“This turkey is really a turkey,” the caption on the photo reads.

The photo has more than 8 million views on Facebook.

“This turkey will be eaten at Thanksgiving.

The caption goes on to say, “This is our turkey. “

That’s all we’re going to say about it.”

The caption goes on to say, “This is our turkey.

It comes from Turkey and it’s delicious.”

The photo was shared on Facebook by a friend of a friend.

It has been shared more than 1.4 million times.

“It’s actually from Germany, so this turkey is made with German meat,” the friend of the photo told ABC News.

The friend also posted a photo of the turkey on Instagram.

“It’s made in Turkey, but it’s made to look like an American turkey.”

The photo was posted on Instagram by a Facebook friend of an account known as “Gizmodo,” which shares photos that are often satirical.

The Facebook page says the photos are satirical.

“The reason why it is so funny is that it’s also from a joke account called ‘GizMODO,’ which is the joke account for the people that really love to mock people, and that’s what this is,” the account’s founder, Josh Voorhees, told ABCNews.

“They call me a lot of things, but I don’t have one thing in common with ‘Gizzmodo.'”

Voorhee told ABCNEWS that the account is not affiliated with the popular “Gizzmo” site, which is known for spoofing popular movies and TV shows.

“I don’t think this is the Gizzmo I’ve known for many years,” Voorheies said.

I don, too. “

I think it’s funny that people are making fun of it.

I don, too.

I’m not in any way affiliated with Gizmodos, and this isn’t really about Gizzmodos.”

Voorheiess said he was looking to promote a different kind of satire account that he said was called “The Onion.”

“We have a bunch of other funny things happening on the Internet right now that we are trying to get the Internet to be more inclusive, but this is definitely our parody account,” he said.

Voorhieues said the account has more followers than his own account.

“We’ve got 10,000 followers and we’ve got more than 20,000 subscribers on our Facebook page.

I can’t even count the number of people who are coming to our Facebook group to tell me what they think of our jokes,” he told ABC.”

And I really like it.

It really helps to get out there and promote satire.

I like to write jokes and make fun of people that I don.

It keeps me honest.

I enjoy it.”ABC News reached out to “Guzzmo” and the account owner, but did not receive a response by press time.