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How to use Facebook’s new meme templates

FACEBOOK — The social networking giant has added some new templates to its website for free.

The templates are the brainchild of a Facebook user named Kavita Gupta, who wanted to create a meme that would look like a viral video of her family’s wedding.

Gupta, who lives in South Africa, wanted to use the template for a wedding photo and the caption “My dad got married on the big day.”

The templates were designed to make it easier to share, but there are a few caveats, according to Gupta.

For instance, the templates are designed for the face and not the face only.

And the templates aren’t meant to be shared.

The only way you can share the templates with others is if you have the permission to post them, Gupta told ABC News.

She said Facebook has provided templates to hundreds of users.

The company has been trying to improve its image-sharing platform, which has been criticized for the amount of ads that people see.

While there are several options to customize the face templates, Gupta said that she wanted to go with the default template.

The default template is the same one that Facebook users see on their home pages, Gupta wrote on Facebook.

Gupta said that when she created her meme, she did not use the hashtags #happywedding and #sistersweddings.

It was a one-off, she said.

She also did not create a caption, which many users were asking for.

This new template is not limited to photos and the text that appears at the top.

The template shows a photo of a wedding and the image is replaced with a caption.

The photo has been cropped to remove all the text, but the caption still appears at top of the template.

Guapati wrote on her Facebook page that she has been overwhelmed by how quickly her meme has been shared and shared on other social networks.