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‘It’s a great day’: Families celebrate $1,500 for $1 child in Manitoba

Parents and children in Manitoba have spent $1 million for a free, high-tech, kindergarten program that’s a “major victory” for them, Premier Brian Pallister said.

“It’s an incredible day.

It’s a victory for children in the province,” Pallister told reporters Thursday.

The $1.1 million project is a partnership between the Manitoba Child and Family Services, the Manitoba Department of Children and Family Development and the Manitoba Education Agency.

The project is the province’s first of its kind, Pallister added.

Pallister said he hopes the project will help improve the lives of many children.

The province has not had a child-focused kindergarten program in its history, he said.

In Manitoba, the kindergarten program is designed to give children a chance to learn while providing them with basic support.

Palliative care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other services are provided, including after-school programs and child care.

“The kids can be engaged, they can be connected, they’re encouraged to do their homework, they get a break from the distractions and the pressure of the world,” Pallid said.

Palister said the program has been implemented in the past two years and the province hopes to have it up and running by early 2017.