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MSNBC hosts ‘sad’ after ‘disgusting’ Trump tweet: ‘We’re not talking about that’

MSNBC host and contributor Rachel Maddow on Monday night tweeted that she was “sad” that President Donald Trump “is tweeting about how we’re not really going to be talking about the horrible things that are happening in the United States anymore” after the president tweeted his support for his former rival for the White House, former Sen. John McCain John Sidney McCainFox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump ‘not going to win’ without Latino vote Trump: McCain ‘wouldn’t be here today’ if he were still in the Senate The Washington Post’s editorial board said the president’s tweet was “not only disgusting, it’s disgusting and unacceptable.”

“As the country becomes more polarized, as the President has tried to use a divisive narrative, he’s also emboldening others to make dangerous and unsubstantiated accusations about the character of our nation and our democracy,” the editorial board wrote.

“He has emboldened others to resort to the most disgusting, unproven and baseless accusations of disloyalty, and now he’s trying to turn his own supporters against one another.

We’re not going to talk about that.”

Maddow’s tweet came after the Republican senator from Arizona told supporters that Trump was not “totally going to get it” about McCain’s death.

“I think he understands that we’ve got to be on the same page as a lot of Americans.

We don’t know what he’s going to say, we don’t even know what his reaction is to what the president is doing,” McCain said.

“We have to get along, and I think we’ve done that, and so I think he knows that.

But I think that he’s doing it in a very, very sad way.”

Maddows also noted that “I don’t think he realizes that his words are hurting him,” adding that Trump “could be thinking that we’re just going to put a stop to this.

Or maybe he’s just tired of it.”

The MSNBC host added, “And he might be thinking, ‘I guess we’re going to lose some support.’

That’s not really what he should be thinking.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Maddow has previously called McCain a “disgrace” and “war hero” in a series of tweets.

Earlier this month, Maddow criticized the president for saying he would have preferred to see McCain’s “body hanging from a tree” in Arizona, a remark that led to McCain’s family releasing a statement saying he was “deeply saddened.”

McCain told Fox News in a statement on Monday that he “did not think it was appropriate to express my condolences to the families of those who were killed in a plane crash, and did not think that the comment would be taken in a negative light.”

He added that “the president has a very strong record on the military and national security.”

McCain has long been a critic of Trump, who has called him a “war criminal.”

He was the first Republican senator to endorse Trump in 2016, but has since come under fire from Democrats and other Republicans for his comments about former President Barack Obama.

“The president should be ashamed of himself,” Maddow said in January.

“If he thinks that he can go on and tweet about the assassination of John McCain without being criticized for it, he should just do it.

And he’s already doing it.”

In January, Trump tweeted: “We are at war.

There is no peace in this world until we stop the slaughter of innocent people.

John F. Kennedy and John McCain have died.

John & Joe Kennedy were heroes.

John’s legacy will be in history books for the rest of time!”

The president also recently retweeted a series by a group called the Trump-Russia Collusion Project, which included several former U.S. intelligence officials who have accused Russian officials of colluding with Trump and Russia in an effort to undermine the 2016 presidential election.

In January 2017, Trump also tweeted that he had been receiving death threats from people who said they were “really pissed off.”

“I was really pissed off.

And I got so many death threats, so many threats, from people,” he told ABC News in January 2017.