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The letter you need to send to President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats to get his signature on tax reform

The Hill article CHRISTMAS LETTER TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and Congressional Democrats: Your support is critical to our future.

If we do not act soon, we risk losing the progress we are making on this agenda.

Please write us and let us know your thoughts on the tax reform we have just passed.

Please let us be aware of your concerns and let’s talk about what we can do to make this an even better deal.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With love and light, Sarah and John Dear President Donald J. Trump and Congressional Democratic Caucus: We have just voted to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, one of the most comprehensive, bipartisan tax reform packages ever passed in our nation’s history.

The bill is the largest tax cut in our history, with a significant tax cut for middle-class families and a new capital gains tax.

Our tax reform is also the largest in the history of the United States of America.

It is also a victory for working families and for working Americans who have been left behind by this administration and Congress, and for those who fought for our country.

Our president has repeatedly said that we need to put our money where our mouths are.

It’s time for our leaders to take their leadership and stop putting politics ahead of the American people’s economic wellbeing.

I am pleased to announce that the House of Representatives has passed a bipartisan bill that is now being considered by the Senate.

We have already begun the process of signing this bill into law.

This is a win for all of us.

With this legislation, the president and the congressional Democrats have made a real and important investment in our economy and our nation.

We now have the opportunity to enact major economic changes that will benefit our economy, our economy’s future, and our people’s future.

With the passing of the Tax Act of 2018, we will create a truly competitive, fair and sustainable tax code that is fair and inclusive.

As a result of this landmark legislative victory, the American economy will benefit, create jobs and grow our economy.

Today, we are also celebrating our country’s birthday and its first President, Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln, who became President at age 18, believed that our nation needed an economic revolution to end the great depression and begin the new century.

We are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year.

President Trump, I know you will join me in celebrating our anniversary with great pride.

This legislation will allow us to create a more competitive, fairer, and sustainable economy, with more opportunities for the American worker.

It will help create jobs that create opportunity for the middle class, and it will help ensure that all Americans have the same chance to get ahead and achieve their full potential.

For this to happen, we must create jobs for American workers first and foremost.

This bill is about making sure we create jobs, but it also provides an opportunity for our middle class and hardworking families to achieve the American Dream.

My administration will invest in education, infrastructure, energy, innovation, and jobs, and create the strongest and most competitive economy in the world.

Together, we can deliver an America that works for all Americans, not just the one percent.

President Donald T. Trump, President Donald B. Trump.

Dear President John B. Boehner and Congress: Your leadership in crafting this historic bill is a hallmark of your Administration.

Our country deserves better than this.

We deserve a fair tax code, a fair and transparent tax system, and an economy that works better for all families.

You have a responsibility to make sure that every American, whether they are middle class or not, has access to the American dream.

We know the tax code has changed in recent years, but you must continue to be the leader in this effort to modernize it.

It has become harder and harder to find a job that pays a decent wage.

It takes longer and harder for American businesses to grow and hire workers.

It makes it more expensive for families to get on the road to college and to buy a home.

This year alone, we saw a record number of Americans lose their jobs and families struggle to make ends meet.

We must not let this happen.

We cannot allow this tax code to be stripped from working families, and I want to send a message to you and to the Congressional Democrats that the American working class will not tolerate this.

This tax bill is meant to help American families and American businesses.

And we know the middle-income families who are benefiting most from this legislation will continue to benefit.

We will continue the economic reforms we have already passed and continue to fight for tax reform that helps them.

We can also help American companies compete with foreign companies and compete on an even playing field, by ensuring that we protect American workers and protect American businesses by making it harder for them to take advantage of unfair trade practices.

We owe it to our workers and to our companies to ensure that our tax