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The most searched word on the Internet today: ‘Maine.’ Now that’s the most searched term on the internet. It’s the title of an

from the Washington Post.

The article describes a Maine woman named Laura who had a seizure during her first day of a pregnancy, and her husband, Bill, couldn’t help but ask: Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

“Laura, who is married to Bill, says in the article that her husband was just as surprised as she was.

He was so surprised that she’d had the seizure that he called a doctor.

When she finally woke up, Laura had no idea what had happened.

Laura says her husband couldn’t even describe what had gone wrong.

She had a few brief seizures in the weeks after her first, but after a few weeks she was back to normal.

Laura, who was born in 1987, said that the term “maine” didn’t seem to stick in her brain for a long time, but when it did she was hooked.

Laura says she still gets emails from people who say, “I remember when you were a little girl and I told you you could do it, you would have done it.

And then I remember when I was a little boy and I said, ‘You know what?

I’ll do it.

I’ll go to a doctor.’

“But Laura says that it was all too soon.

Laura and Bill have been married for eight years.

She says her health has never been a problem.

Laura is a full-time student and works part-time at a local bookstore.

She is a mom of two boys, ages 9 and 4.

Laura also has a husband who is a certified nurse assistant.

Laura said she and Bill, a divorced father of two young children, started planning their wedding in January 2011.

She said they wanted a traditional wedding that would reflect their beliefs.

Laura and Bill say their wedding was well-planned.

Laura said she had a list of about 30 guests, many of whom were just friends who she had met online.

But the reception was held at the home of Bill’s neighbor, the Rev. Frank D’Aubigny.

D’Anubigna says that he was there with his wife, who had been having an epileptic fit, to help Laura and her mother, the Reverend Nancy Breslin, with their preparations.

The couple said that Bill’s mother had been so upset about the birth of their second child that she didn’t want to go to the reception.”

Laura and her mom, Nancy, say they were very proud of the ceremony. “

We had a very private time.”

Laura and her mom, Nancy, say they were very proud of the ceremony.

“It was a wonderful experience.

We did it very well,” Nancy said.

Laura has a long history with Bill, including attending his wedding.

Nancy says that she also had an epileptics fit the night before the wedding, and she felt a lot better after the wedding.

The next day, Laura was in a hospital with the seizure again, and Bill called her to say she was OK.

Laura was back at work on the morning of the wedding and was able to attend the reception that afternoon.

Laura’s husband says that the first thing he remembers about the wedding was the fact that it looked so natural.

Laura is a mother of four and is also a nurse.

She works at a hospital in Augusta, Maine, and is part-owner of the Maine Family Medical Center.

She has a bachelor’s degree in health care management from Maine State University and a master’s degree from St. Luke’s College in Philadelphia.

She was previously a clinical nurse and an associate clinical professor at the University of Maine Medical School.