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The Times Of India: ‘There are no limits to how much we can learn from the success of a successful start-up’

The Times, the nation’s most widely read daily newspaper, has announced a “start-up week” that will include a focus on entrepreneurship and the business sector.

The aim of the week is to provide an overview of the Indian start-ups and their success stories, highlighting their positive and negative outcomes and providing a roadmap for them to build a successful future.

The first round of “Start Up Week” will take place on January 26 and 27, with a second round to follow on February 10 and 11.

According to the Times, India is a “global hub for start- ups” and the country has more than 2,500 start- up hubs and incubators across more than 60 cities.

“This is the perfect opportunity to hear from founders, investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Times managing editor Anupama Chakraborty.

“There are few limits to what we can know about the success and failures of a start-UP and how they will adapt to the ever-changing challenges of a competitive global market,” said Ms Chakrabonty.

The start- Up week will also be attended by some of the country’s biggest entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, who will discuss the “startup future” and how to navigate the tough business climate. 

“We are all looking for innovative ways to create the best possible value for our customers and stakeholders in India.

We will also highlight the positive aspects of starting a business,” said Rajat Bhatt, Founder and CEO, Nandan Group.”

It will be a great opportunity to share our experience and perspectives with the start-Up Week, to explore our business models, to understand their challenges and to build up a better understanding of how to build business for the future,” he added.”

We look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make this start-Upthe next generation start-uppers a success,” Ms Chakroon added.

The Times also said it will also host a series of open meetings and forums across the country. 

Start-up Week is the second annual initiative by the newspaper aimed at attracting more entrepreneurs to start–ups.

Last year, the paper hosted the inaugural event, ‘The Startup Week’, where more than 200 start-upthe had a chance to meet and learn from industry leaders and venture capital firms.