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What if your family wanted a birthday card?

A family in Canada wants to send their kids a holiday card, but they’re not sure where to send it.

The card is a Christmas card, and it’s not even a Christmas holiday card.

The template was created by a Canadian company called Holiday Cards, and the company hopes the cards will go out to children of all ages in the coming weeks.

But the company is concerned that it may not be safe for kids to send the cards out, because of the recent spate of shootings in Canada.

The company’s CEO, Lisa Boeser, told Al Jazeera that the cards were sent out in hopes of preventing other families from doing so.

“The card would have been a great idea to send out in the wake of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas,” she said.

“But we do not know where the cards would have ended up.”

She said the company has already received over 5,000 requests for the cards.

“It’s very upsetting that our customers have chosen to send a Christmas gift card instead of a birthday one,” she added.

“I have contacted the RCMP, but I’m afraid that would not stop these cards from being sent.”

Holiday Cards, which operates in Canada and the United States, said the cards are available in Canada only.

“These cards are only available to Canadians.

We have been advised that some Canadian banks may not accept these cards,” the company said in a statement.

The cards will be sent by mail to addresses in Canada, including in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina.

Holiday cards will also be available in the United Kingdom.

A spokeswoman for the British government said it was working with Holiday Cards to ensure it was safe for children to send Christmas cards.

She said in the past, holiday cards have been sent to parents who did not provide the appropriate address information.

“This year we are increasing the requirement to send cards to addresses within the UK, and we will be publishing details of this in the next few days,” she told The Independent.

“We hope the government will be very mindful of this, and that they will take appropriate action to ensure that these cards are not sent to children.”

Holidays cards have traditionally been sent as gift cards.