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What is the state of the race for governor of North Carolina?

A new Quinnipiac poll finds that Democrat Roy Cooper is the most popular governor in the country, and Democratic challenger Thom Tillis is the least popular.

Cooper is up 12 points from a Quinnipac poll in October, when he was trailing by double digits.

The Quinnipacs latest survey also finds that the race is more competitive than at any point in recent memory, with the incumbent facing a double-digit deficit.

The poll also finds Tillis with a commanding lead in the state’s heavily Republican 6th Congressional District.

The district includes parts of Charlotte, Raleigh and parts of the city of Raleigh, and it encompasses much of the North Carolina capital city.

Cooper has made a name for himself in recent years for opposing voter ID laws, for instance, and for supporting the legalization of marijuana.

Tillis, meanwhile, has come under fire for his handling of the state Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, as well as for his support for expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican governor has tried to paint himself as a more moderate Republican who would take on the Democrats in 2018.

The Democratic challenger has sought to portray Cooper as a “moderate Republican,” a characterization that has caused him to pull ahead of the incumbent in recent weeks.

The governor’s poll numbers have been boosted in recent days by his strong performances in North Carolina’s two gubernatorial races.

Both Democratic candidates have performed well in the North Carolinian’s home state, where turnout is low and voting is far more expensive than in other parts of states such as California.

In the Democratic primary for governor, Cooper has outperformed Tillis in the last two weeks, with some polling showing Tillis ahead by double-digits.

Cooper’s lead is also likely due in part to his strong performance in the gubernatorial contest in North Dakota.

Tillas received a huge boost in recent polls in that state, especially in his home state.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Tillis said that Cooper was running “better than the polling.”

Cooper has a very strong advantage over Tillis nationally, according to the poll, which was conducted by Quinnipic from August 25 to September 4.

Cooper received 46% of the vote in the poll.

Tillias support was lower, with 25% of respondents supporting him.

However, he still won the state by about 2.8 percentage points, with Tillis receiving the support of 49% of North Carolinians.

Cooper will likely need to rely on strong turnout in the upcoming election to hold onto his seat.

According to Quinnipics latest polling, North Carolina is the second-most conservative state in the nation, with Republicans having a net score of only +2.5, while Democrats have a net of +3.8.

In North Carolina, Cooper is running neck-and-neck with Republican Gov.

Roy Cooper in a race where the incumbent is leading by double digit margins.